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a c c e p t i n g a r t i s t s u b m i s s i o n s -


Long-term we will be shifting curation and decision-making to the community by transitioning to a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation structure. 


Our goal is to encourage and support creators on their journey into this new paradigm by making it as accessible and inclusive as possible.


Give sex workers and erotic artists an uncensored online platform to share and sell art. A celebration of erotic art and content.

Community – Focused

We combine a powerful new technology with an artistic community that values inclusion, integrity and transparency.

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a c c e p t i n g a r t i s t s u b m i s s i o n s -

Low Gas Fees

We want our platform to be accessible for all erotic artists, this is why we’re building a PoS system with low to near zero gas fees.

Authentic Verified Content

All artists will be verified and their content authenticated before minting to make sure all content is legal and ethical. 

Easy payments

Users are able to collect art & content using crypto or fiat. Credit Card functionality is supported.

Versatile Payment

Both crypto and fiat payments will be facilitated.  Protection against payment provider censorship.

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