What is an NFT?

An NFT (Non-Fungible Token) is a unique token on the blockchain that can be attached to any asset to verify its authenticity and ownership. An NFT is not the artwork itself — it is the license to the artwork that is attached to the digital artwork on the blockchain.


Do NFTs give full rights to an artist’s work?

No, they do not. The NFT purchaser owns a unique hash on the blockchain with a transactional record and a hyperlink to the file of the artwork. The copyright stays retained by the artist unless specified otherwise and an agreement is made between the collector and the artist.


Does my art qualify as “erotic”?

For us, “erotic” doesn’t just mean “sex” or “sexually explicit”. Eroticism is so much more than that. For us, erotic art is not only art intended to evoke erotic arousal and/or depicting human nudity and/or sexual activity; its sexuality is transformed by the human imagination. It’s the thoughts, dreams, anticipation, unruly impulses, and even painful memories which make up our vast erotic landscapes. It’s energized by our entire human experience.


What is a digital wallet?

A ‘digital wallet’ or ‘wallet’ is software (you can also use hardware wallets, more on this later) that you can use to manage your art and other crypto tokens. If you don’t have a wallet yet, we recommend installing Metamask and connecting that to a hardware wallet for maximum security.


Why is a wallet required to sign up?

Nftreats is a non-custodial platform, which means you have full control over your funds, art, or any other crypto tokens in your wallet. A wallet is required to manage your Ethereum, Polygon or Binance Smart Chain account, hold your tokens, and send and receive transactions like sales on Nftreats.


Already have a wallet?

If you have a wallet you would like to use, you need to sign up from a device with that wallet installed. For example, if you use MetaMask on your desktop browsing app (chrome, firefox, brave), to sign in to our site, you will need an active wallet, connected to the Polygon network.


Which wallets do you support? Why isn’t my already existing wallet working?

Currently, we don’t have support for all wallets yet. We currently operate with MetaMask. MetaMask is one of the most used crypto wallets which is very easy to handle and 100% secure.


What network do I have to connect my wallet to?

Nftreats is part of the polygon network (also called MATIC Network), which is a side chain of the Ethereum network. You’ll automatically get asked to connect your wallet to the MATIC network. All you need to do is approve.


Which cryptocurrency do I need to have in my wallet to make a purchase on nftreats?

All art on nftreats is listed in Wmatic at this point. You also need to have a small amount (max 1.0) matic available in your account in order to complete a purchase successfully.


How do I buy wmatic and matic?

Buying wmatic with your local currency can differ from country to country, but we typically recommend Coinbase as the easiest way to purchase.


After buying wmatic / matic – how do I send it to my wallet?

Once you’ve purchased wmatic and a small amount of matic on an exchange like Coinbase, it’s time to send it to your wallet. In order to do this, you’ll need to copy your public wallet address.

You’ll be able to copy your public wallet address by either pressing on the address itself (beginning in 0x…) or pressing a copy address button.

Once you’ve copied your public address, navigate to the Send/Receive section on the exchange you purchased from (On Coinbase this is located in the top right, input your address, the amount of wmatic you’d like to send to it, and press Continue).

Always make sure the address you’re sending to matches the address of your wallet.

Once the transaction completes, you’ll see the amount in your wallet. You are now funded and ready to start buying CryptoArt!


Can I swap a token I already have for wmatic? How?

The art on our marketplace is listed in Wmatic ( wrapped matic). You can take any tokens that you hold and swap them for Wmatic. The best site to use to swap coins is Quick Swap. Remember that you have to be connected to the matic network when you want to swap.




Do I have to be 18 to mint art on nftreats?

Absolutely. Since we are an ethical adult content marketplace, only adults are allowed to mint content on our platform. We want our page to be ethical, inclusive and safe for everyone.


How do I buy art?

Once MetaMask is installed, login, then go to nftreats.art and “Sign In” using the MetaMask. You simply hit “Sign In” to receive an option to choose Metamask, then click ‘Sign’ on your Metamask wallet. Once you’ve made the account you just need to send some Matic or Wmatic to the MetaMask wallet to begin buying artworks. Click here for a tutorial on how to send tokens to your MetaMask.


Are there any countries where your platform cannot operate in?

Technically nftreats is available everywhere. If you want to mint work though, you will have to go through a simple know-your-customer (KYC) procedure. We work with wert.io, which supports 198 countries in the world. Their policy says that they can not support countries or states that are on a FATF blacklist:


Why is there a verification process for creators?

Since we are a porn inclusive and erotic art platform, we need to make sure that all creators on nftreats are 18 or older. This is the only reason for the verification. We do not collect your data to use for marketing or advertisement purposes. We simply need to make sure we are creating a safe space for creating and enjoying erotic content.


I finished the verification process, but I am still not able to mint work on the platform. What can I do?

Don’t worry. This can happen sometimes. If you’ve finished the verification process but are still not able to mint work. Please take a screenshot of the verified message and send it to us via contact@nftreats.art or contact one of our admins via discord. We will enable the create option for you manually.


Which credit card can I use for the verification process?

At the moment, only visa cards are accepted to get verified on nftreats. In a few weeks, the process will also work flawlesly for mastercard.


How do I convert crypto back into cash?

via an exchange like FTX, Coinbase or Binance or via the digital wallet provider lifestyle.money

Once minted, how long is it before an unpurchased NFT expires?

There is no expiration date. Once your NFT is minted on the blockchain, it stays there forever. You can, however, unlist it (which removes it from being on sale) or burn it, which makes it impossible for anyone to view or interact with the NFT (including yourself).


Is there a mechanism to collect royalties?

Yes. We have a royalty system implemented, so artists can profit from secondary sales. forever.


Can I set the amount of the royalty?

Royalties are 15%


Can I implement unlockable content in an NFT?

Yes, you can! Make sure to add some detail about it in the description of the piece. The unlockable content will only be visible to the collector of the piece.


Is your platform working with proof of work or proof of stake?

We are operating with proof of stake. One of our major goals is to make our platform as environmentally friendly as possible. Read all about it in our blog post about sustainability and nftreats.


Do you have any fiat payment options?

At the moment you can only pay with crypto payments. But we are working on implementing FIAT payments, so this will be available to you very soon.


Do the buyers have to pay a fee to buy?

No. Gas Fees are covered entirely by us.

How do nftreats make money?

On each primary sale. 88% goes to the creators.

Nftreats takes a 12% commission. Here is how that fee will be split:

3% to $TRTS Token Holders

2.5% nftreats DAO operations wallet

1% Liquidity Providers

2% to NGO voted for by the community

3.5% goes into the smart treasury pool

On secondary sales, nftreats takes 5%


Is your commission on the initial sale only, or also on all subsequent re-sales?

On initial sales only! On secondary sales, nftreats takes 5%.


Why am I not getting asked to sign for a transaction on my wallet?

If you aren’t being notified when you need to sign for a transaction using your mobile wallet, try opening the wallet app before starting the transaction. If the prompt still isn’t appearing, make sure you’re connected to the right account.


Can you mint 3D files on nftreats?

Not yet, but we are working on it!

Can you mint audio files on nftreats?

Not yet, but it’s coming very soon!


What if I want to delete an NFT?

We offer the option of burning NFTs that are owned by you. Simply click on the “burn” button beneath the artwork and follow the instructions.




What data is being collected?

Our KYC provider wert.io collects First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth and Residence Address. We require users to upload their ID and Proof of Address.

Wert.io is a fully compliant service and all data that they collect is required by the regulations. For more information visit: https://widget.wert.io/privacy-policy


Where is the data stored?

For processing and storing KYC data – we use a KYC provider called SumSub. The data is stored in secure storage, they follow all the global and local regulatory norms, and store the data in Amazon GDPR compliant servers located in the EU.
For more information visit: https://sumsub.com/security-compliance/


Who is my data being shared with?

We do share data with third parties – but only for the purpose of providing a better service to our users, and only to GDPR-compliant providers.

We share the user’s name with our payment provider – because that’s required for all fiat payments.

We also use sift.com – a service that helps to prevent fraud, and fake identities. We do it to make sure that data that was provided by the user wasn’t connected to some fraud case in some other service.

What is the policy when data gets leaked?

We are GDPR compliant, so in the unlikely event that this happens – wert.io will notify users about that within 24 hours after the leak.

How is the process of deleting data?

If a user would like to have his/her/their personal data erased, they can contact wert’s support and request it to be deleted. You can email the support team via support@wert.io OR just contact them in a live chat.


Before you can mint anything on our marketplace you have to read and agree to our terms of service. The terms of service outline very clearly what kind of content is and is not permitted on nftreats.art

Further, we reserve the right to delete any content that we deem inappropriate at any time and without prior notice. More on this in our terms of service.


If you have any questions or concerns or need help with something that was not mentioned in our FAQs, please feel free to contact us and the community via our discord or send an email to contact@nftreats.art


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