Guide: How to take part in our pre-launch auctions featuring Valéria van der Ko

What are the pre-launch auctions?

We set up an exclusive auction with erotic Valéria van der Ko who has created art for nftreats. We’ve built a WebApp to host this auction, which is built on top of OpenSea, using our own custom interface. We are in the process of building the nftreats platform and want to showcase the type of art which will be featured on our platform when it launches. These pre-launch auctions will take place at

What do I need to take part in the pre-launch auctions?

You will need a crypto wallet, such as Metamask. The wallet will need to have one of the supported cryptocurrencies in it, in order for you to purchase the NFTs showcased in the auctions; these currencies are WETH, DAI or USDC.


How do I purchase one of the pieces?

There will be a piece called Troni4ok by Valéria which will be auctioned on 3rd June. Once the auction for this piece goes live on the 3rd you’ll be able to bid on it. At the end of a 24 hour timer, the highest bid wins the exclusive piece. To bid on the piece, visit click on the Troni4ok image. On the left-hand side, you will see a ‘bid’ button, click this. The OpenSea shop will pop up, from here you can place a bid on the NFT.


You’ll need to bid in the accepted cryptocurrencies – if you do not hold the correct cryptocurrencies in your wallet you’ll be able to ‘swap’ a currency that you hold in your wallet for one of the accepted currencies or if you have a moonpay account you can buy the correct cryptocurrency using a credit card. The processes for swapping or buying currencies will be outlined with a step by step process in the pop-up box, simply follow the instructions to complete the process.

The second piece ‘Mango’ by Valéria will also be available on the 3rd of June. There will be 10 copies of this piece available to buy now (the timer on our site will show you when you can buy). The ‘buy now‘ process is similar to the process outlined above. Once all 10 pieces are sold out the auction ends. These 10 editions have a fixed price of 0.09ETH.






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