Nftreats Keeps Building: Improved KYC for Artists & Credit Card Payments are Live


We’ve got some great news for all artists & collectors. We’ve been working around the clock to push the newest update to nftreats!


We’re happy to let you know that Credit Card Payments are now LIVE. This means:


1. As a collector you can quickly and easily buy NFTs using your credit cards, without needing wMatic tokens. The creator will still receive the wMatic tokens!


2. You can buy Matic on the site with your credit card and then swap it for wMatic on an exchange such as QuickSwap!


Currently, this only supports Visa cards, we will keep you posted on when Mastercard is also available.


Credit Card Payments are now LIVE. you can now collect NFTs  with your credit card! With support from our partners @wert_io, you can just ‘topup’ your wallet using your credit card and get going! The sellers still receive $WMATIC for the NFTs.


Important to note for all artists: Due to the way Credit Card payments operate, the only way to add the function which allows credit card payments for your NFT, is to un-list them and re-list them. THIS ONLY APPLIES TO NFTS MINTED BEFORE THE 4TH NOVEMBER, ALL NFTS MINTED AFTER THIS DATE HAVE CREDIT CARD FUNCTIONALITY AND ANY NFTS MINTED FROM NOW ON WILL ALSO HAVE IT. No other functions involving your NFTs are affected by not re-listing them, they will still be able to be purchased with crypto wallets.




We have also drastically improved our KYC for artists. No more address details, no more credit card details! Simple ID will suffice and you should be verified automatically within 2-3mins.


If you’re an artist who would like to get verified on nftreats, fill out this artist submission form (only takes 5minutes).



We’re currently working on some UI/UX improvements and will keep you posted on when those will be pushed to live

Thanks for all your ongoing support and feedback, we really appreciate it. This way we can build the platform that works best for you!


If you have any feedback for us or would like to make a suggestion for the next update, please join our discord and let us know.


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