nftreats will be the first nft marketplace paying gas fees for its community


We get a lot of questions from artists, thinking about entering the NFT space, about gas fees. We put together a little summary about what gas fees actually are and why you don’t need to bother with them on our platform.



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What are gas fees?

Gas is the computing effort required to execute specific operations on the Ethereum blockchain. The amount of gas required for each transaction depends on the complexity of the transaction


Gas Fees are the cost necessary to perform a transaction on the network. It is the fuel that allows the Ethereum Network to operate, in the same way, that a car needs gasoline to run.



While the amount of gas required for any given transaction remains constant, the gas price is dynamic. The price is based on supply and demand for the computational power of the network. If the demand for settlement on Ethereum increases, so does the average price.


Nftreats will be accessible for everyone

We are excited to announce that nftreats will be the only NFT-marketplace that will pay gas fees for its creators. If you’re an NFT artist you won’t have to worry about paying gas fees ever again.


How to become an nftreats artist

Simply click on the following link and send us your artist application form:

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