Tips for getting accepted as an artist on nftreats


The nftreats admissions committee has started sending out acceptance letters to our first official cohort of artists. For weeks our team carefully vetted and discussed all artist submissions that have been sent to our platform and accepted the first round of exceptionally talented artists and performers. Among these artists are many well-known faces within the NFT Community, but also fresh new talent ready to take the digital art world by storm!

We want to give new potential artists the best possible chance of getting accepted by sharing some helpful tips on what matters to us in our admissions process.


Here are 5 tips directly from our admissions committee to you!


1. Be your most authentic self

We care about the quality and originality of your work, sure. But mostly at nftreats, we care about the artist behind the work. It doesn’t matter to us, if you are already established and well-known or if you’re creating art for yourself and for the love of it. What matters to us, is to build a community of erotic nft artists that stands behind our values and goals. We want to create a truly inclusive and welcoming space for artists of all kinds. We’re sex-positive, anti-racist and members and allies of the LGBTQIA community.

Believe in your work and tell us honestly about yourself and what you believe in and what your art is about.


2. Get familiar with our brand values

Point 1 leads us to point 2. Get familiar with that nftreats is all about. Go check out our blogposts, and company details on our website, and get familiar with the kind of community and platform we’re trying to build. We want our artists to be involved in the development of the platform!



3. Get involved in the community!

Join our Discord and Telegram, tag us and fellow artists on Twitter and Instagram to start immersing yourself in the community. We want to work towards becoming a DAO and decentralisation is more than just a slogan to us. If the community values you and your work, we listen to their opinions.


4. Promote your art on social media!

We’ve seen very clearly that the artists doing a good job of promoting themselves and their art on social media sites are the ones that attract more collectors and social media is an immensely important factor in blockchain technology and its community as a whole. We don’t care about how many followers you have and you don’t need to be posting 24/7, but seeing that you are making an effort to promote yourself and your work online is definitely helpful. If you’re not active on social media and within the CryptoArt community yet, try it out! People are generally super welcoming and helpful and try to support each other. You might end up finding the support and love you’ve always been looking for as an artist.


5. When in doubt – contact us directly

Don’t get discouraged, we’re always here for you! Please feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have any questions or concerns. We’d love to get to know you


If you’re interested in joining the erotic art nftreats community, please feel free to reach out to us via or send us your artist submissions form via our website! There will be a system in place rewarding early adoption of the platform, so don’t wait too long!


While you’re over there make sure you sign up for our newsletter to stay updated about our upcoming platform launch and new developments.



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